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My name is Kenny Weiss and I am a Certified Professional Life Coach, who helps people succeed, break through barriers, and repair relationships in every aspect of their lives. Using a unique methodology of guided conversation, you and I will identify what events in your life might have produced fear, shame, and denial and reveal how those previously unidentified experiences are holding you back from achieving your goals and preventing you from being truly personally and professionally happy.

My practice concentrates on understanding and explaining emotions. More specifically, we examine how trauma, fear, shame, and denial keep us from the life we want. Quite literally, every choice we ever make in our lives starts with a feeling, not a thought. However, we have all been told not to deal with our emotions.

Based on my own traumatic experiences early in my life, and many years of research and studying human behavior, I have developed the tools and techniques that teaches people how to get more out of life.

I am a different kind of coach! Due to my own experiences with fear, shame, and denial, I am empathetic and collaborative in my approach. You will never be ‘talked down’ to or feel inadequate about your particular situation.

Over the years, many people have counted on me to help them break through obstacles, overcome difficulties, get a new lease on life, and achieve the success they always knew they were capable of achieving, personally and professionally. If you want to feel free and empowered again, and be successful, in a caring, kind, and understanding environment, I would be delighted to speak with you.

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“I have made such great leaps and bounds of traction with the horrific traumas of my childhood in a few short weeks.

Kenny cuts to the quick and is straight to the point in the most positive and supportive way. I had all but given up until I took one last chance.”

Chris K.