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Self-improvement and success should be within reach for everyone. It is my goal to make my fees affordable and simple.

Good Days

$250 per person

A single session is for the person who feels just a little bit off and might need a fresh perspective, a quick tip, or deeper insight into a
situation to get themselves back on track.

Better Days

10 sessions for $2000 (Prepaid)

This 10-session course is put together for those who know they have a situation they should address but it isn't impacting their
lives severely.

Best Days

20 sessions for $3000 (spread over 2 payments) *BEST VALUE*

The 20-session option is for those have been struggling for a long time and are committed to addressing their problems and are ready
to overcome them. Those who take the 20-session path understand that getting better is a process, and it takes time to have the life
they always wanted.