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When We Feel Good About Ourselves, Everything Else in Our Lives Falls into Place

Over the years, I have helped professional athletes, business people, couples, families, companies, teams, and others, identify and overcome emotional roadblocks that were holding them back.

My system focuses on the source of most of life’s problems – emotions – and I provide my clients a proven plan and process to putting their lives back on track. Although we don’t realize that success is often thwarted by unmanaged feelings, we intuitively know that when we feel good about ourselves, everything else in our lives falls into place.

In my practice, I provide my services in three
specific ways:

  • I conduct sessions with individuals and family members to help with their challenges
  • I see professionals regarding career issues
  • I speak to groups and conduct workshops
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“My experience working with Kenny has been incredibly powerful. When I met Kenny, I was at a point where I felt passionate about making some pretty big changes in my life, but my own fear was holding me back from really going for it.

After just one session with Kenny I was able to identify where the fear inside me was stemming from and how this fear had been holding me back from living the life that I really want to be leading.”

Melissa S.