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Speaking Engagements and Workshops

Why my clients seek me out . . .

I am often invited to speak to groups about topics of interest to them. This includes challenges they might be facing as individuals or as the group as a whole, and sometimes the topics are related to current events.

  • Opposite Thinking!  Learn to capitalize in business and personally by significantly changing how you think by diving directly into the center of your trauma and fears.
  • Is Fear Stopping You? Coach Kenny argues that fear of failure is actually fear of success. He will share tools to become fearless in your pursuits.
  • The Positive Side of NO! Empower yourself by putting YOU first.  Coach Kenny will reveal how to do just that with the most positive results.
  • Perfection is not the Goal! Coach Kenny will show you how to embrace your imperfections and by doing so discovering the strength that you never knew you had.
  • Go Big! It's time to get rid of the small-minded mentality that stops you from reaching your full potential.  It's time to reap the profits of "Going Big."
  • Time for Transformation! Letting go of control turns into a freedom never thought possible.  Coach Kenny will share what you need to do to get your power back.